• Listing Services

    Whether you are selling an individual property or a property portfolio, Ventures Realty will help you get the best price in the shortest amount of time. We specialize in marketing tenant occupied properties for absentee landlords and marketing small to mid-size stabilized residential rental property portfolios to private and institutional investors. 

    Turnkey Real Estate Investments

    Turnkey properties are ideal for investors who desire immediate income and long term equity growth. We produce turnkey investments and source the best turnkey opportunities for our investor clients. 

    Real Estate Investment Funds

    Ventures Realty is a subsidiary of Ventures 5280 LLC an active operator and sponsor of boutique single-family and multi-family real estate funds. Real estate funds allow investors to diversify real estate holdings to generate passive income.

    Rental Portfolio Asset Management Services

    Ventures 5280 provides professional portfolio management and asset management services for private investors or small investor groups. We offer a complete passive income solution for accredited investors and partners.

    Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investments

    We have helped hundreds of investors get on the path to financial freedom by providing the tools, resources, and guidance to build a retirement portfolio using your self-directed IRA and solo 401k.